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Will The SNP Ban Escort Services In Scotland?

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Labour suffered a crushing defeat in Scotland, and now the SNP rules Scotland like a Viking invader, and this leads to the question. Will this incredibly right-wing political group make escorts, prostitution and/or the sex trade illegal in Scotland? What Are The SNP Doing Right Now? At the moment, they are still arguing about how much power they have. They have not yet used their new power to improve Scotland. In fact, they are not doing anything, which is already creating a stale rot in the Scottish economy, job market, health service and in the lives of Scottish people.

How Will This Affect The Scottish Sex Trade?

At the moment, prostitution is legal in Scotland, and people that work as Edinburgh Escorts, or as sex workers, are paying tax for what they do. The SNP are coming under more and more pressure to actually do something whilst in power, but despite their mismanagement blunders, they are not actually doing anything. That is where the sex trade comes in.

The SNP May Ban The Tax-Paying Sex Trade In Scotland

SNP politicians are already talking about banning the sex trade so that escorts, massage workers and anybody selling sexual favors for money may be arrested and charged. Escort agencies will have to close down, as will massage parlors and legal brothels that sex sexual favors and acts in return for money.

The Effect On The Economy Will Be Massive

The money made from taxing sex workers is actually making up the hole in the tax bill that was left by smokers. So many people have stopped smoking that Scotland is not getting as much tax from it. The sex trade helps plug that gap by charging prostitutes, both male and female, tax for selling their service. If the SNP ban prostitution in any way, it will force it back underground and sex workers will no longer pay taxes.

Masses Of People Will Leave Scotland

Saying that thousands of people will leave Scotland and live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland sounds like an exaggeration, but you have to look at the state of affairs in a Scotland that is run by the SNP. People may buy and sell sex in Scotland, and to avoid prison may leave Scotland. In some cases, they only need to drive down the road to become honest law-abiding citizens again. Furthermore, there are many people that will disagree with the decision to ban, and may leave because of its effect on the economy, on the population, and on crime. Unregulated brothels, escort agencies and massage parlors are hotbeds for drug crime. At the moment they are regulated, but if the selling of sexual favors or acts are banned, then it will no longer be regulated. Crime will return in a big way, and drug crime is already a massive problem in Scotland.

Some Say The SNP Is Too Scared To Make Prostitution Illegal

You have to look at it from the SNP’s point of view. They are coming under more and more fire for not doing anything with the power they won during the election. They need to do something soon before people lose faith in them and revolt, and a big sweeping action like banning prostitution may be all they need to keep the flames from their feet a little longer. Plus, they are a very right wing political party, which means banning prostitution is very easy to justify and to get SNP MPs to vote for.