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What You Should Know If You Want A Valencia Escort

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As you may or may not know, prostitution is in a legal vacuum in Spain as a whole. It is not legal, nor is it regulated. It is policed, but it is not regulated. The act that is illegal is pimping, but escort agencies find their way around that by allowing escorts to place their own adverts and it doesn’t force them to prostitute. Plus, many escort agencies do not explicitly say that a man or woman sells sex or sexual favours. However, in Valencia there are new regulatory laws. Selling sex, even in a brothel is not legal--but it is tolerated. However, if you seek out sex from people on the streets, you will be fined up to 2000 Euros. If you want to pay for sex or sexual favours, you will have to attend a club or a massage parlour, or you will have to use the services of an escort agency. You can be fined if you try to pick up a prostitute from the streets of Valencia.

Why Are They Punishing Customers And Not Prostitutes Or Escorts

The reason is not as complex as it sounds. Spain is mostly a Catholic country with many religious people in it, but that doesn’t change the fact that recent polls show that more than one in four men have paid for sex in their lifetime. The sex trade is a very big deal in Spain as it is in other countries. There are a lot of people that will not vote for a government that tries to ban it. On the other hand, as a nation of religious people, they are also not very keen on having the sex trade paraded under their noses or blotting their streets for their kids to see. Red Light districts can be found in Spain, but children are guarded from them in the same way that children are guarded from drinking alcohol in pubs and clubs.

Why Have They Brought In These New Regulations In Valencia

The biggest reason is because they want to move prostitution off the streets and into brothels or into hotels. There are too many incidents involving local people or transient visitors that are related in some way to men and women selling their bodies on the street. This includes a range of things from indecent acts in the street and in vehicles, to religious groups clashing in the street with prostitutes and their pimps.

The authorities have decided that in order to tackle these in-street problems, they are moving the prostitutes indoors. They have done this by punishing the customers for seeking sex on the streets. This means that fewer prostitutes will solicit on the street because customers think they will be arrested for it. Instead, prostitutes have started working in brothels (known as club of various descriptions), or they have started working in massage parlours and escort agencies. This has quickly moved the selling of sex off the streets, which has solved a lot of problems that it was causing in Valencia. In summation, you can buy sex or sexual acts from a Valencia escort or prostitute, but do not do it on the street. Use a massage parlour, a “club” or an escort agency, otherwise you could end up fined 2000 Euros.