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Bilbao Escort

Bilbao Is Not Ashamed Of Its Escort And Sex Trade

Escorts are fairly popular in Bilbao; it even has its own WikiSexGuide. Not only that, but prostitution itself is so popular that the stigma behind it is not nearly as negative or bad as it is in other countries. The escort agencies that operate in Bilbao are happy to allow their escorts to show their faces on their profiles--despite the fact that these men and women are selling sexual favours for money.

So long as a Bilbao escort is over the age of 21, she or he may start a career as an escort that lasts as long as he or she likes. Even the national retirement age is not applicable because there are even escorts in their 70s. This is true of other countries too, but is unusual to see an area that is so explicit about prostitution outside of places such as Amsterdam.

Does This Mean That Prostitution Is Legal In Bilbao?

Actually it doesn’t! Prostitution, the act of selling sex or sexual favours for money, is neither legal nor illegal in Bilbao. Spain is country where prostitution is in a legal vacuum. The act of prostitution is neither legal nor illegal, but pimping is illegal. In a way, the authorities are saying that people can sell sex or sexual favours, but cannot promote or push it on people. That is why many legitimate escort agencies will not explicitly say that the members will have sex or sell sexual favours for money--but it is highly implied. For example, many escort agencies show pictures of men, women and transsexuals in revealing outfits and then claim they are VIP escorts.

What Sort Of People Become An Escort In Bilbao?

The scene is rather diverse. You can find prostitutes from many different parts of the world. For example, there are Russian escorts, Eastern European escorts, African escorts, South American escorts and local men and women too.

It is not the sort of profession that a person goes to college for, but it can earn an attractive and healthy person a lot of money. For example, a person working as an escort can make a full-week’s wage in two nights. That is a very tempting prospect for a person with no career and/or no qualifications--especially if that person has taken good care of him or herself.

What Is There In Bilbao?

There is a sex “scene” that includes brothels, swinger’s clubs, Red Light districts, massage parlours and escort agencies. There are strip clubs and lap dance clubs, and there are clubs for people of alternative persuasions such as gay and lesbian clubs as well as ones made just for transsexuals / shemales and people that are into BDSM. In short, there is something to suit all tastes.

There are also street hookers; however, you may have to be careful with street hookers. Though pimping is illegal, there are still street hookers with pimps. If you want sex or sexual acts, your best bet is a massage parlour or an escort agency.