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Safe sex

The Many Things You Were Never Told About Safe Sex

Safe sexThere are two big problems in the developed world that seems to affect sexual health. The first is that sexually-transmitted diseases are mostly hidden from pubic view. The second is that most STI and condom adverts focus on the consequences of unsafe sex, and that is clearly not the way to go.

STIs Are Hidden From View

When was the last time you saw a yellow person with chronic Hepatitis? Or, a very thin and sickly looking person with HIV? Many STIs are easy to hide, such as Chlamydia and such, which is another reason people don't see it enough for it to bother them. Where is the threat if people don't see it?

Did You Know? There is only one recorded case of somebody catching HIV through deep kissing, and both had gum disease and terrible mouth ulcers (why were they kissing? Eiw!!)

Don't make a mistake; cover your penis.

STI Adverts Feature Consequences

Who the hell cares about the consequences? Those are adverts telling you something “may” happen, the same way the lottery says you “may” get rich, or the insurance company tells you how you “may” get their special price. Most of the time, when people see adverts about ill consequences; they look away instead of become scared. In essence, those adverts are training people to ignore them.

Plus, if people cannot see the proof around them, then why would they care? People may listen to the warnings about cigarettes if they saw blood coming from the mouths of smokers, but what they see instead are fit, healthy and beautiful people smoking that have never had a day's illness in their lives. The adverts on STIs and condoms should feature the benefits of using condoms and not the consequences of not using them.

Did You Know? Even if a woman claims to be on the pill or sterile, she can still successfully sue you for child support payments for sixteen to eighteen years.

The Only Unnatural Sexual Act Is Celibacy

Despite what the Pope may tell you, biologically the only unnatural sexual act is to have no form of sex at all. You may have seen videos or heard about furries, S&M, BDSM, and so forth. No matter what you read or see, the only truly unnatural act is celibacy though that doesn't mean you should indulge every urge (taboo or otherwise) that crosses your mind. After all, we are not animals.

Did You Know? There has never been an official record or survey taken/created that records if parents genuinely regret having kids because too many people refuse to answer or misconstrue their true feelings.

No glove, no love.

The Three Forms Of Safe Sex

Safe sex takes three forms. The safest is self-pleasuring, the second safest is with a prophylactic (condoms) and the third safest is with pregnancy control. Self-pleasuring takes many forms, but the most common is masturbation. It is the safest because it mostly impossible to either catch a disease or get somebody pregnant however, it is not impossible.

There is one recorded case of a young Arabian man that grinded (humped) a virgin woman until he ejaculated onto her panties, where it soaked through and made her pregnant. That is the story they told, though there is no way to confirm it, however, she was medically tested and was still a virgin despite being pregnant.

Did You Know? A cap (a dome-shaped contraceptive called a diaphragm) will not lower your chances of catching an STI; it only lowers your chances of impregnating a woman.

Protect yourself before you mate.

Couple Safe sex

Pregnancy Control Or Birth Control

Any form of pregnancy or birth control will not stop you catching a disease, but it will either stop a baby from being conceived or will stop it from being born. There are currently no forms of birth control or pregnancy control that reduce the risk of catching a disease unless a prophylactic is used.

Did You Know? Other than having a healthy child, most parents will admit (with a little prodding) that their biggest fear is that their child will be born ugly or will become ugly.

Don't be a joker; wrap your poker.

Sex With A Prophylactic

Doctors and academics use the word prophylactic because there are some condoms that do not really fit the definition, such as the ones a woman may wear (that are rare these days). There are caps that women can push into themselves, but they are not prophylactics and do not stop the transmission of diseases.

Did You Know? There is a correlation between the rise of Internet porn and the reduced rate of STI transmissions in Anglo-Saxon* and European countries. It looks like the safest form of sex is watching other people do it.

Avoid a frown.

* Anglo-Saxon Countries that are considered to be developed countries and where English is a predominant language, and where capitalism exists.