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Condom Users Can Make Themselves 100 Times Better

How Condom Users Can Make Themselves 100x Better In Bed Let’s not kid ourselves; if condoms felt as good as unprotected sex, then everybody would be using them. The fact is that it doesn’t feel as good with a condom on, but these days if you do not use a condom, then you are putting yourself tremendous risk. So, here are a few ways you can use condoms to make yourself a better lover.

Lubrication Is The Key

We need to start with lubrication. Your lady may be as wet as Niagara Falls, but if you are looking to take your time and give her the ride of her life, then extra lubrication is needed. The lubrication on condoms is fine, but a little extra is always advised.

On the practical side, it will help to stop the condom breaking. This is especially true if your lover has a strong PC muscle and is squeezing to increase her sexual sensations. There are certain types of olive and vegetable oil that eat through latex, and baby oil will usually wear off too quickly, so you should probably buy a lubrication made especially for sex.

On the sensual side, a lot of lubrication will help keep a woman aroused, and it will help maintain her arousal. The reason is psychological. If a woman feels wet, it fools her body into believing she is more aroused than she may otherwise be. It also helps smooth the sexual process. Some women are highly lubricated naturally, and some are not. If you start humping her vigorously, she may lose a little lubrication and it will make it more difficult for you to push yourself into her. There is also a chance her vagina will hold onto the condom and pull it off.

Extra Stimulation Condoms

If you are using plenty of lubrication, then extra stimulation condoms can add an edge to sex that your penis simply cannot do alone. There are condoms with bumps, lumps and ridges in them that give her extra stimulation. If she is not well lubricated, then these lumps, bumps and ridges make it more difficult to have sex and it makes the condom more likely to come off. Try extra stimulation condoms in a variety of positions, and you may find an area that she finds highly stimulating.

Thin And Sensitive Condoms

Part of the reason these are popular is because they allow the man to feel a little more of what is going on. These days, thin and sensitive condoms are made with such refined latex that they are almost as strong as regular condoms, and if you are using lubrication then there should be no issue with regards to breakage.

You can make yourself a better lover with thin and sensitive condoms because using the extra sensation to determine how you make love. Just like when you are having unprotected sex, it allows you to feel inside of her vagina. You can locate her G-Spot and other sensitive areas more easily. You can also feel the reactions her vagina has to various stimuli, which allows you to build her up and into an orgasm more easily.

Long-Lasting Condoms

These are condoms that have a numbing solution on the inside. They coat the penis with a solution that makes the penis less sensitive. It is ideal for men that have not yet learnt how to control their climax, or for men that have trouble with early climax and premature ejaculation.

If you have similar problems, or you find that you often have to stop just short of her orgasm, then these condoms may help you push past her point of no return. There are many downsides to these types of prophylactic. The first is that it makes the penis numb, which means during longer sessions of sex you may lose your erection.

Another problem is that men and women tend to feed off of each other’s arousal. That is one of the reasons it is often difficult to hold back your climax (as a man) when she is close to orgasm. If your penis is numbed, even slightly, it lowers your arousal, which means she has less to feed off.

Other downsides include the fact that the condom may more easily slip off because it has lubrication on the inside. There are also times when the solution seeps out of the condom and touches her vagina, where it may gain contact with her clitoris and make it less sensitive.

Extra Thick Condoms May Be Better

These are ideal if you do not use lubrication because they are less likely to break. They are also ideal for people who have trouble with premature ejaculation. They offer many of the benefits of longer-lasting condoms without the numerous downsides that come with them.

If you are using extra-thick condoms, do not be afraid of trying more positions that put a lot of pressure both on your penis and inside her vagina. They can handle the stress that such positions may create, and the thickness of the condom means you are less likely to ejaculate before you are ready.