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Can I hire a Palermo escort on holiday?

Anybody can hire a prostitute or Palermo escort in Italy because prostitution is legal. There are plenty of sex-industry rules and laws, but you are allowed to hire an escort and pay him or her to have sex with you without being arrested because it is legal. If you are a tourist, then you are allowed to hire a girl so long as you are at least eighteen years old.

Are there male and female escorts?

Some of them are both male and female, and those that are heterosexual and homosexual. Once again, do not assume that a woman is going to sleep with you, but it is usually implied when you purchase the service. If you are expecting sex, it is wise to specify if you would like a male or female, a straight or gay person.

Most Palermo escort and prostitution websites allow you pick the person you are going to spend your time with. You cannot see their face unless you sign up, and even then there are many companies that do not show you the escort’s face. They do this for privacy reasons.

There is still a stigma and taboo attached to prostitution, and some people do not want to risk damaging their reputation in the community. That is one of the reasons you cannot take a photo of your companion or appear in a video without his or her expressed permission. This also applies for if you are secretly filming. You will find yourself in a lot of trouble if you film or photograph a woman (prostitute or not) without his or her permission. You may end up doing prison time for it if you do not have that person’s expressed permission.

Can I hire an indipendent escort to star in a movie?

This is a gray area. It is not illegal to hire somebody to star in an erotic movie or in a porn movie. It is not illegal to hire an escort for such things, but the escort may not agree to it. In many cases, women (prostitutes) work in secrecy and do not want their face on a movie for others to see.

Some indipendent escorts may be happy to appear in movies if you pay a little extra. Some companies will make their rules very clear about it on their website. There are some companies that will fire their employees if they appear in movies, especially if those movies are posted online.

What if I run out of time?

Many girls are basically undertaking the duties of a prostitute, and they tend to have time limits to their work. If you have only paid for half an hour or forty-five minutes and you run out of time, then you will have to either pay for more time or stop what you are doing and allow her to leave. If you do not have the money to pay for the extra time and pretend as if you do, then you will be charged with rape. Attempting to pay the remainder when you get to court will not work as it is classified as rape the moment you refuse or fail to pay and it is treated as rape from that point onwards.

Is that really the name of the escort?

The truth is that very few girls use their real name. This helps maintain their privacy. If the fake name they have is not suitable for your purposes, such as if you are taking the woman to a function or event, then most of them will happily agree to be called another name for the duration of the visit or event.