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Where To Find A Rome Escort

Finding a woman in Rome is easy because of the Internet. People can look online and find numerous services where they can book male or female company. A Rome escort doesn’t have to have sex with you, but many people buy their services with the expectation of sexual acts. Even if the service is renowned for escorts selling sex, the man or woman can still refuse sex at any point. There are some companies that will offer a refund if the service is not what the client expected.

Is prostitution legal in Italy?

Prostitution is legal but unregulated. In addition, organized activities such as sexual exploitation and abetting are illegal in Italy. As you may know, prostitution has been legal in this country for many years. Only in 1958 did they ban brothels that were operated by third parties. This means brothels may be owned and run by prostitutes that regularly have sex for money on the premises whilst living there.

Prostitution is still looked down upon by many people in Italy, which is why there are frequently attempts to ban it or control it. Sometimes these are for moral reasons, and sometimes to protect people forced into sex slavery. There were even zero-tolerance zones set up in Italy, but the signs confused people into thinking it was a prostitution area similar to the Red Light district in Amsterdam.

How to hire a Rome indipendent escort

You can approach a woman in an area that is known for prostitution, or you can use on online service. There are some escort services that have offices in very public places, plus there are massage services that offer similar services. You can visit such places and make an appointment for a Rome girl, and it may be possible for you to sleep with somebody on the premises, but each establishment is different--so don’t go there expecting instant relief unless you have been there before and know they offer on-site services.

The law changed for the better in 2010. Italy made a great for female sex workers when they set a precedent. They made it so that if a client doesn’t pay for sexual acts, then it is declared as rape and the client is arrested and prosecuted. The sex industry has been booming in Italy for a long time, but only now are the workers being protected a little better. There is still a long way to go, especially when it comes to sex trafficking, but Italy is dealing with the problem faster than the countries that simply ignore or prohibit prostitution.

Can I hire a man, woman or trans-gender person?

Believe it or not, there is an escort service in Rome to suit your every need. There are some that allow you to hire straight or gay men and women, and there are services that allow you to hire people with different types of gender, such as pre and post of transsexuals.

Can I get a refund?

There is no implied contract that says the person you hire has to perform any sexual acts at all. If that person doesn’t perform any sexual acts, you have no legal right or basis on which to demand your money back. You even cannot get a refund if that person doesn’t turn up. There are some companies that will give you your money back if the person doesn’t turn up, but that is up to the escort company.

If you have no right to demand a refund, then how do you ensure you get sex or a sexual act? The truth is that you cannot ensure you get it or demand it for your money, but think about it from the escort service’s point of view. If they get complaints from clients that one of their men or women is not performing sexual acts as per client expectations, then eventually that man or woman will be fired (eventually).